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2015 Winter lab Tour

페이지 정보

작성자 Young Jin Jang 작성일15-09-07 00:00 조회888회 댓글0건


2015 Winter Lab Tour


 A. Purpose

 - A UNIST-unique program, where students earn a change to travel abroad and visit laboratories, academic institutions, companies and facilities in other countries.

 B. Financial Support

 - Scholarship: Students who were selected "Study abroad schoarship awardee"

 - Through the presentation competition, 1 team can get KRW 3,000,000 financial support as 1st prize.

 C. Eligibility

 - Teams: 3~6 undergraduate (sophomore and above) students, mixed-gender team is not allowed

 - Dates: 10 ~ 15 days (not including departure and arrival dates) in winter vacation.

 - Schedule: must visit more than 5 institutes/labs/companies related one's major.

   ※ Proof of having set up a meeting with the above to be submitted(exchange emails) with the application.

 - Regiond: No restrictions

D. Application

  - Application submission: October 2 (Fri), 18:00, UNIST International Center

 - Presentation file submission:  October 9 (Fri), 18:00, e-mail

  - Presentation Evaluation:  October(not yet decided)

  - Notification of Successful Teams: November 2 (Mon)

  - Post Lab Tour Presentation(after finish the lab tour):  March .2016


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Young Jin Jang. savetheplanet@unist.ac.kr, 052-217-4127


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