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2015 Winter Culture Exchange Program

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작성자 Young Jin Jang 작성일15-09-07 00:00 조회958회 댓글0건


2015 winter culture exchange program


□ eligibility: all unist students

(some program are required students english ability)

※ non-credit program

□ scholarship: students who were selected 'study abroad sholarhsip awardee'

□ program dates: 3~8 weeks during the winter vacation


□ list of universities                 

- us esl

- us business program


- uk esl program


please check detail information via the attached file


□ deadline for application: october 2(fri) 18:00, unist international center,  application form attached


if you are not sholarhsip awardee, please apply 'golbal schoarship' for culture exchange program.

□ global scholarship: please submit the application for global scholarship untill october 2(fri) 18:00 at uic

□ eligibility; students who show academic excellence

□ number of students to be selected: 2 (culture exchange program)

□ scholarship amount (krw): 3,000,000

  - selection criteria: 
    ? 1st round:  cumulative gpa, english test score, voluntary work and awards
    ? 2nd round: oral interview (60%) +1st round score (40%)

  - application  
    ? submission of the global scholarship application, english test scores, english tranx-x-script, 
      certificates for voluntary work and awards, recommendation letters from two professors   

if you have any questions, feel free to contact young jin jang.   e-mail: savetheplanet@unist.ac.kr , office: 052-217-4127


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